Professionals for a Massacre

Professionals for a Massacre

Nando Cicero (1967)

PG Certificate


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Three desperadoes about to be shot are press-ganged into recovering a stash of gold in this relentless, sometimes confusing spaghetti western that could have been titled The Dirty Quarter-Dozen.


A trio of bandits join the Southern ranks during the American Civil War, only to get caught selling guns to the Union. They are offered their freedom on one condition - they embark on a mission into enemy territory and retrieve a fortune in gold. But as they soon discover, there are dangerous competitors out there in the field. Spaghetti Western, starring George Hilton, Edd Byrnes and George Martin.

Cast & Crew

Tim Dooley / Frank the preacher George Hilton
Chattanooga Jim Edd Byrnes
Fidel Ramirez George Martin (3)
El Primero José Bódalo
Annie Monica Randall
Director Nando Cicero
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Other Information

Language: Some dialogue dubbedColour