Scott Graham (2015)

15 Certificate
Thu 31 Aug 6:30pm - 8pm Sky Cinema Select


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This bleak, naturalistic family drama begins with a low-key getaway on a ferry, and follows a single mother named Iona (Ruth Negga) as she flees from the Scottish mainland. Accompanied by her teenage son (Ben Gallagher), she travels to a remote island in the Inner Hebrides, which is where she lived as young girl. What has happened to Iona and her son? Why are they on the run? The answer to these questions is withheld for most of the film, which is unhurried and understated to a fault. Containing very little dialogue, it is populated by glum, pensive characters who don't know how to express themselves. In fairness, the scenery is striking, and Negga is impressive as a woman who is haunted by events from her past. Regrettably, though, the film itself isn't worthy of such praise.


A woman fleeing the aftermath of a violent crime seeks refuge on the Scottish island where she grew up, bringing her teenage son with her. Her return has serious ramifications for the friends she left behind, while the boy grows to understand a simpler way of life than he is used to and discovers why his mother rebelled against it. Drama, starring Ruth Negga and Douglas Henshall.

Cast & Crew

Iona Ruth Negga
Daniel Douglas Henshall
Matthew Tom Brooke
Elisabeth Michelle Duncan
Bull Ben Gallagher
Sarah Sorcha Groundsell
Stephen Jim Sturgeon
Director Scott Graham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: VerveAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 25 Mar 2016