Michael S Ojeda (2013)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Generations of hatred are bloodily avenged in this ambitious and well-acted killfest that blends 1970s-style exploitation with the supernatural. Grittily shot, with a bleached-out look that accentuates the nastiness of early events, it sees deaf girl Amanda Adrienne sadistically raped and murdered by a racist, New Mexico gang after she intervenes in their long family tradition of slaying native Americans. But the I Spit on Your Grave-like set-up turns into something more novel when the local shaman tries to reanimate her, only for the vengeful spirit of a butchered Apache chief to inhabit her body. Exaggerated, redneck clichés and some horribly offensive language ensure you really root for the rapidly decaying Adrienne in the far-fetched retribution that naturally follows, as debuting horror writer/director Michael S Ojeda shifts from initial realism to cartoonish thrills. The final section is particularly satisfying, with the fan-pleasing gore resulting in an unusually poignant ending.


A deaf mute woman is raped and murdered, then buried in a shallow grave. A Native American shaman tries to restore her to life, but instead her body is possessed by the angry spirit of an Apache warrior, who seeks to avenge her death - but finds time is short as her decomposing body will not last long. Horror, starring Amanda Adrienne and Joseph Runningfox.

Cast & Crew

Zoe Amanda Adrienne
Director Michael S Ojeda

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD