Colt 45

Colt 45

Fabrice du Welz (2014)

15 Certificate
Sunday 8:05am - 9:35am Sky Cinema Select


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A crackshot policeman is caught in the crossfire between feuding cops and robbers in this short but not-so-sharp policier from director Fabrice du Welz. A brooding Ymanol Perset stars as Vincent, a young gunsmith who prefers to keep his expertise confined to the armory and away from active duty. However, when a fellow officer (Joeystarr) abuses his trust and blackmails him into supplying weapons and ammo (including a uniquely lethal bullet) that are used in a spate of robberies, Vincent is dragged into the fray. It also plunges him into the internecine rivalry between his police mentors (Gérard Lanvin and Simon Abkarian). Du Welz's reputation is built on unsettling stories like Calvaire, Vinyan, and Alleluia so it's curious to find him on a routine crime drama, but rumours of studio interference may explain the gaping, unexplored plot holes and perfunctory characterisation. It's a pity, as the rain-drenched climax with Vincent finally taking up the way of the gun is suitably brutal and bleak.


Vincent, a young police firearms expert, is forced to make use of his skills as a marksman when he is ambushed by an unknown assailant. Left with a killing to cover up, Vincent turns to a fellow gun enthusiast with ties to the criminal underworld offers to help him dispose of the evidence. In exchange, he hands over a small arsenal of weapons - including a set of home-made, explosive .45 ammo, but when said guns are used in a string of deadly robberies, Vincent must turn to seasoned police commander Chavez to help correct his fatal error of judgement. French action thriller, starring Ymanol Perset, Joey Starr and Gerard Lanvin.

Cast & Crew

Vincent Milès Ymanol Perset
Commandant Christian Chavez Gérard Lanvin
Capitaine Isabelle Le Franc Alice Taglioni
Commandant Luc Denard Simon Abkarian
Milo Cardena Joeystarr
Pradier Philippe Nahon
Baron Amr Waked
Director Fabrice du Welz
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Other Information

Language: French, English +subtitlesColourGuidance: Violence, swearing