• 18
  • James Cameron (1986)
  • US
  • 131 min
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5 out of 5

Surpassing its predecessor in terms of sheer spectacle, this sequel to Ridley Scott's outer-space nightmare from director James Cameron is an outstanding science-fiction thriller. Sigourney Weaver wakes up 57 years after the original events unfolded, only to be told that the planet where she first met the alien predator has been colonised. When all contact with the inhabitants is lost, she's sent in with a crack squad of marines and hurtles headlong into a hi-tech house of horrors that delivers plenty of shocks and nail-biting suspense. Masterfully controlling the tension and moving the involving plot at a lightning pace, Cameron exploits everyone's worst fears and carries them to the riveting extreme in this consummate Oscar-winning fright-fest.

Plot Summary

Science-fiction thriller, a sequel to the 1979 blockbuster Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver. Having overcome a terrifying alien predator, Ripley has spent 57 years asleep, drifting through space in a life-pod. She is rescued, but discovers that the planet where the creature was originally found has been colonised. When contact with the planet is lost, Ripley and a platoon of marines are sent to investigate.

Cast and crew


Sigourney Weaver
Rebecca Jorden, "Newt"
Carrie Henn
Corporal Hicks
Michael Biehn
Carter J Burke
Paul Reiser
Lance Henriksen
Private Hudson
Bill Paxton
Lieutenant Gorman
William Hope
Private Vasquez
Jenette Goldstein
Sergeant Apone
Al Matthews
Private Drake
Mark Rolston
Private Frost
Ricco Ross
Corporal Ferro
Colette Hiller
Private Spunkmeyer
Daniel Kash
Corporal Dietrich
Cynthia Scott
Private Crowe
Tip Tipping
Private Wierzbowski
Trevor Steedman
Van Leuwen
Paul Maxwell


James Cameron

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
Violence and swearing.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate 18