The Royal

Series 4 - 9. Say a Little Prayer

About this programme

9/12. Sister Brigid faces a struggle as she tries to convince her superior at the convent to seek medical help when it becomes obvious she is seriously ill. Jill discovers the answer to a puzzling case, before receiving news from Samantha about the father of her baby. Frankie tells Lizzie his amorous plans, then finds them thwarted when he sees Staff Nurse Taylor with Dr Goodwin. Linda Armstrong, Amy Robbins, Scott Taylor and Michelle Hardwick star.

Cast and crew


Sister Brigid
Linda Armstrong
Mother Peter
Sue Jenkins
Dr Gordon Ormerod
Robert Daws
Dr Jill Weatherill
Amy Robbins
Mr Rose
Denis Lill
Denise Lambert
Cathy Sara
Thomas Copley
Philip Martin Brown
Wendy Craig
Alun Morris
Andy Wear
Ken Hopkirk
Michael Starke
Lizzie Kennoway
Michelle Hardwick
Dr Jeffrey Goodwin
Paul Fox
Frankie Robinson
Scott Taylor
Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor
Zoie Kennedy
Neil Lambert
Ritchie Gibson
Stella Davenport
Natalie Anderson
Sister Alice
Claire Redcliffe
Mr Patterson
Gordon Kane
Mrs Gilbert
Jackie Downey


Graeme Harper
Executive Producer
Keith Richardson
Executive Producer
Ken Horn
Carol Wilks
Jane Hollowood