A Is for Acid

About this programme

Martin Clunes stars as John George Haigh, a successful engineer and socialite whose veneer of respectability masked homicidal impulses. Believing he had devised the perfect crime, Haigh embarked on a cold-blooded killing spree which was to earn him a place in the history books as `the Acid Bath Murderer'. Fact-based drama set in the 1940s, also starring Keeley Hawes and Celia Imrie.

Cast and crew


John George Haigh
Martin Clunes
Gillian Rogers
Keeley Hawes
Dr Archie Henderson
Richard Hope
Rose Henderson
Celia Imrie
Mrs Olive Durand-Deacon
Rowena Cooper
Arnold Burtin
John Flanagan
DS Heslin
Terence Beesley
Mrs Constance Lane
Matyelok Gibbs
Emily Haigh
Barbara Marten
John Haigh Senior
Geoff Holman
Donald McSwan
Neil McKinven
Young John George Haigh
Christopher Town
Amy McSwan
Claire Nielson
William McSwan
Donald Douglas
Steven Rogers
Chris Ettridge


Harry Bradbeer
Glenn Chandler