The Royal

Series 6 - 8. Coming to the Boil

About this programme

8/12. A patient is admitted with a fever and a swollen arm covered in black lesions, but Mike is nowhere to be seen. Blood tests confirm a case of anthrax, prompting an investigation by the Public Health Officer. Elsewhere, a specialist is summoned when a woman's dizzy spells cause concern, while Alun and Lizzie are intrigued by the mysterious appearance of a young woman.

Cast and crew


Nurse Stella Davenport
Natalie Anderson
Sister Brigid
Linda Armstrong
Dr Mike Banner
Sam Callis
Adam Carnegie
Robert Cavanah
Nurse Marian McKaig
Kari Corbett
Wendy Craig
Dr Gordon Ormerod
Robert Daws
Lizzie Hopkirk
Michelle Hardwick
Mr Rose
Denis Lill
Dr Jill Weatherill
Amy Robbins
Ken Hopkirk
Michael Starke
Frankie Robinson
Scott Taylor
Alun Morris
Andy Wear
Ralph Fleming
Kevin Doyle
Agnes Corbett
Marie Critchley
Tom Ormerod
Thomas Fox
Katie Ormerod
Tara Berwin
Jonathan Ormerod
Joseph Lamb
May Tomlinson
Rachel Smith
Johnny Tomlinson
Danny Gregory
Mark Long
Mark Jardine
Susie Dixon
Sarah Beck Mather


Tim Dowd
Ken Horn
John Flanagan
Andrew McCulloch