Who Do You Think You Are?

Series 10 - 6. Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

One of the best revelations in Nick Hewer's programme comes early on when we learn about his own career. We think of him as the scowling scrutineer of The Apprentice, but the images of Hewer as a Dylanesque London PR man in the 1960s paint a very different picture.

In the programme, Hewer is his usual waspish self – and good company. Recalling an Irish aunt, he says, “I remember an unattractive woman, quite heavily bearded actually...”) and his ancestry research is a game of two halves. In the first, he learns about his Irish grandfather, who sounds like an extraordinary character, navigating the sectarian storms of Belfast in the 1920s and becoming High Sheriff despite being a Catholic nationalist. In the second, Hewer goes back 12 generations to learn about a Wiltshire ancestor's mixed fortunes during the English Civil War. He was a survivor.

About this programme

6/10. Nick Hewer, host of Countdown and Alan Sugar's former adviser on The Apprentice, tries to find out how his mother's Catholic father Oswald Jamieson managed to reach the prestigious office of High Sheriff in Protestant-dominated 1920s Belfast. On his father's side, he researches the life of his nine times great-grandfather and discovers how his family's fortunes were shaped by the English Civil War. Narrated by Cherie Lunghi.

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