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Andy Murray speaks out on ‘divisive’ Brexit and expects second Scottish referendum

Andy Murray has spoken out about the divisive state of the United Kingdom – and he expects a second Scottish referendum before long

Andy Murray

Andy Murray has criticised the “divisive” state of Britain as Brexit – and the 2019 General Election – approach at pace.


The two-time Wimbledon champion has represented Scotland and the whole of the UK throughout his career, but believes the impact of the EU referendum will put huge pressure on the union.

Murray questioned whether the referendum was right for Britain in the first place, but expects Scotland to hold their own independence vote should Brexit come to pass.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other reporters in the build-up to his new Amazon Prime documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing, he said: “Right now everything is unbelievably divisive. There is no middle ground any more.

“You have your view, someone on their other side has another view, and you cannot see a compromise on either side.

“I don’t think that’s a good way to enter into any kind of discussion about anything, certainly not something as important as the future of Britain.

Andy Murray

“When there’s a referendum, if it’s 51-49 or 54-46, it’s not big enough, it’s not clear enough.

“It should be a much bigger percentage to change something, so you know that’s really the direction the country wants to go in.”

Murray discussed the future of Scotland should the UK leave the EU, and he believes a second Scottish referendum won’t be far behind.

The Glaswegian superstar’s homeland voted for independence in 2014, but a bid to leave the UK failed after gathering just 45 per cent of the vote.

He said: “I’m assuming Scotland, when we leave [the EU], will have a second referendum.

“I do not think it’s been positive for the UK, and I do not know how positive the last referendum was for Scotland.”


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