Live sporting events may be on hold during lockdown but there is still more than enough sport on TV for everyone to soak up.


BBC, BT Sport and Sky Sports have all reshuffled their listings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic with a range of enticing sports shows to keep you entertained as we wait for the day stadiums, tracks and arenas re-open.

Need a sport round for your pub quiz? We have 30 sport quiz questions and answers you can use on your mates has rounded up some of the best sports shows you can enjoy from the comfort of your lockdown living room – with weekly updates for each of the major broadcasters below.

What sport is on BBC this week?

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BBC have ramped up their sporting content in the wake of the lockdown with a host of classic highlights, terrific moments and brand new fresh material from the Match of the Day team.

What's on Sky Sports this week?

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Sky's biggest draw has always been their live sport output, and the lockdown has given them a chance to breath new life into some of the most sensational moments their cameras have captured including Ben Stokes' miraculous Ashes innings and never-ending football highlights.

What's on BT Sport this week?

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BT have a blossoming reputation for their European football offerings along with their coverage of other major live events, but the show must go on. The BT Sport football team boast live weekly shows while there's plenty of chance to soak up some of the biggest Champions League nights, boxing under the lights and UFC fights during lockdown.