Olympic Rugby Sevens gold medal winners sing beautiful Fiji hymn in celebration

It was the first ever Olympic gold for Fiji


A group of burly Fijian rugby players gather in a circle, eyes shut tight, heads thrown back and tears streaming down their cheeks, as they sing a hymn of victory.


This was the scene yesterday at the Deodoro Stadium in Rio, where the Fiji Men’s Rugby Sevens made history, beating Great Britain to gold in the first game of its kind at the Olympics.

The hymn is called “E Da Sa Qaqa”, and is a gospel song that translates to “We Are Winners Because Of This World”.

It was an epic 43-7 triumph, and the first ever Olympic gold medal for Fiji, who completely dominated possession and ran in five tries in the first half.


There was also a huge eruption of celebration at home in the nation’s capital, where locals took over the streets of Suva dancing, singing and cheering. Even shops and banks were closed…