Forget Rio 2016, we can’t stop watching the cat Olympics

On your marks, get set, purr...


If the Olympic Games don’t float your boat, we’ve got something that might. It still involves sport, tireless training and high-stakes competition… but it’s between cats rather than humans.


That’s right, if you need a fix of something fluffy while the rest of the world tunes in to watch the world’s best athletes compete for Olympic glory in Rio, pad this way.

All 4 have pitted the most fur-ocious pets against each other in the ultimate arena. “Our fury little friends are no longer locking horns in an alley: gone are the days when cats quarrelled over a slither of meat outside a restaurant. They now take part in heated and competitive contests,” say Channel 4.

The cat-hletes are competing in such disciplines as the Rythmic Catnastics, the 100cm Cat Dash and the Whisker Slalom.

Here’s the kind of thing you can expect:

There are currently six short episodes on All 4. We know what we’ll be doing this afternoon…


Battlecats is available now on All 4