Which Neighbours family do you belong to? Take our quiz and find out

Do you belong in the Kennedy family?

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There have been many a classic Neighbours family over the years from the Ramsay’s to the Robinson’s and the Willis’s to the Scully’s.


But which of the families currently calling Ramsay Street home do you think you belong to?

There is one way to find out. Take our quiz to see what family you would be in. Will you get the one you love you most?

None of the families on Neighbours ever have an easy ride in Erinsborough, with every day bringing about a fresh drama for the Ramsay Street residents.

From helicopter crashes to a deadly deserted island, our favourites have had a lot to deal with over the years – it’s no wonder they’re the way they are!

If you’re at home with the Kennedys, you’re definitely a close-knit family who’ve had your fair share of betrayals – and you will certainly stand up for yourself in an argument.

Another family who take no prisoners is the Robinsons (with some added Willis members). If you fit in there, you’ll be ruthless, but strong and independent with a taste for romance, even if it doesn’t always work out.

On the other hand, you might be a Canning – chilled, laidback and ready to have a good time with your family. Your morals might slip from time to time, but you always put your family first – and that’s the main thing.

Another tight family you might fall into is the Greysons/Brennans, who just can’t stop winning and succeeding with everything they do. Like every family, they have their problems but nothing will ever tear them apart.

And what would a Neighbours quiz be without the good old Rebecchis – if you’re in that family, you’re funny, likeable and have a penchant for sport. You might be a troublemaker at times but everyone loves you for it.

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