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Has Rana Habeeb just been killed off in Coronation Street factory collapse?

The Kana wedding turns into a disaster zone

Published: Wednesday, 20th March 2019 at 8:02 pm

Coronation Street has put the lives of several characters on the line in the fallout of the factory roof collapse disaster, with the first episode of Wednesday 20 March's dramatic double bill ending on an almighty cliffhanger as Rana Habeeb was buried under the crumbled remains of the ceiling.


As the terrified workers, who had barricaded themselves in to protest against boss Carla Connor's proposed outsourcing, welcomed a rescue team including Gary Windass, Abi Franklin, Tyrone Dobbs and Tim Metcalfe, a live cable was switched off just in time to stop it catching fire to a leaking water pipe.

Gina Seddon led paramedics into the crumbling building to big sister Sally Metcalfe, unconscious from falling through the roof when the siblings were rowing while putting up protest banners when the structure gave way.


Meanwhile, Kate Connor feared she'd been jilted by bride-to-be Rana who was a no-show at the wedding venue but when she finally got through to her girlfriend on the phone it was revealed she had been in the factory when the disaster occurred, having popped into the office to fetch her bag, and was trapped beneath the rubble.

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The connection was briefly lost and panicking Rana's screams went unheard, with no one realising she was even there, but Kate managed to call back to say she had told the police everything and was on her way.

But as the authorities located her they were forced to flee as huge chunks of hanging debris crashing down on Rana just as a horrified Kate got to the scene and the signal suddenly dropped - can she be saved now?

Fans will have to wait until 8.30pm on Wednesday 21 March to discover if Rana is the fatality of the factory chaos…


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