Finn saves Susan’s life in Neighbours – will he escape prison?

Courtroom twists as Bea and Elly confront their enemy

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) is facing a potential jail sentence in Neighbours if the court is convinced his amnesia from the coma is genuine and he doesn’t remember carrying out his catalogue of crimes.


But there’s a twist in the tale on Tuesday 16 April when the seemingly-reformed rotter jumps into the path of a speeding car outside the hospital and saves the lives of former nemesis Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and lawyer Imogen Willis (Ariel Kaplan).

Bea Nilssen (Bonnie Anderson) witnesses the surprisingly heroic act and finds herself questioning whether her duplicitous ex is faking his memory loss after all.

Finn’s sentencing is looming with his fate being determined by victim impact statements that could mean the difference between prison or freedom – Susan has already softened towards the man she pushed off a cliff, and now Bea feels she may have judged him too harshly.


When does Finn find out if he’s going to jail?

On Thursday 18 April it’s time for Ms Nilssen to take the stand, and she stuns the locals by deciding to change her damning statement of the man who messed with her mind with his fake identity and vendetta against her family there and then, telling the court she believes Finn is a changed man and should be not be punished!

Elsewhere, Bea’s sister Elly (Jodi Anasta) is shaken when she realises the man she had the one-night stand with is Finn’s brother Shaun. As she flees the courtroom in horror before she can deliver her statement, she covers to husband Mark Brennan she was just overwhelmed by the situation but later confronts Shaun with the bombshell he is the father of her baby…


Will Bea and Elly’s wobbles mean Finn escapes a jail sentence? And who was driving the car that almost killed Susan and Imogen – is someone trying to kill them?


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