Evil Isaac is back – actor Marc Elliott returns to Holby City

Will he be making Dom suffer again?

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Holby City viewers received a shock tonight when Dom (David Ames) turned to his abusive ex-lover Isaac (Marc Elliott) for support after learning that husband Lofty (Lee Mead) had cheated. Scenes just shown saw Lofty return home from his trip to the US and reveal that he’d been unfaithful while he was away.


Reeling from the news, Dom then made the rash decision to seek Isaac out, with the pair meeting up in the episode’s closing seconds. But what will happen now that Dom appears to have hit the self-destruct button? Here’s a reminder of Dom and Isaac’s history – and some hints as to what lies ahead…

What did Isaac originally do to Dom?

Isaac and Dom were involved in an emotive 2016 plotline about domestic abuse in same-sex relationships. Isaac – with his surface charm and deep-rooted manipulative personality – took advantage of a vulnerable Dom, who, at that time, was grieving following the death of his best friend Arthur Digby. Sociopath Isaac subjected Dom to both emotional and physical abuse before his crimes were exposed and he was suspended in April 2017.

For how long is Isaac back?

In an interview with Inside Soap, Elliott has revealed that Isaac will be retuning for a limited time only. Speaking about his filming experience, the actor said: “It was five weeks of bliss being back and seeing all those happy, lovely Holby faces – even though I’m not playing a happy, lovely face!”


What happens next week?

Isaac will be seen again next week when he makes his presence felt on the ward. As it turns out, his father is in poor health and Isaac wants to get him admitted. Fans will also get to see some flashbacks showing what happened in the immediate aftermath of tonight’s cliffhanger.

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Can Isaac now be trusted?

Adding to Inside Soap about what Isaac’s intentions are, Elliott added: “It’s my job as an actor to convince Dominic and the audience that Isaac’s a good guy now. Although I don’t think anyone’s going to be utterly convinced – and Dom isn’t either. Isaac is Dom’s Achilles heel – Dom turns to him for help and then doesn’t realise what he’s getting himself into.”


Where else have you seen actor Marc Elliott?

The actor is perhaps best known for playing EastEnders’s Syed Masood, whose relationship with Christian Clarke was a big favourite among fans. Elliott appeared on the BBC1 soap between 2009 and 2012 and went on to have a guest role in Midsomer Murders in 2014 before his year-long stint on Holby City, which began in 2016.