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6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Kim confides in Jamie and will Jimmy cheat with Mandy?

Nicola is tempted by Mack and Meena plots revenge.

emmerdale kim tate jamie tate
Published: Tuesday, 1st June 2021 at 7:30 am

The plot thickens at Home Farm as Kim Tate (Claire King) admits to Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) someone is trying to poison her, but should she trust her son as she confides her plan?


Jimmy King (Nick Miles) tells Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) he's falling for her as his marriage collapses, while wife Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) has her eye on another man, and Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) crosses a line…

Here are all your Emmerdale spoilers for 7th – 11th June 2021.

Kim tells Jamie about the poisoning

emmerdale kim tate

Having laid the trap to expose the person who's been spiking her brandy decanter with diazepam, Kim is on high alert with everyone around her wondering what their true motives might be. Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is keen to make a business pitch to his boss, making her even suspicious as to whether he can be trusted.

Jamie is alarmed when he realises his mum has installed a hidden camera at Home Farm and reels when she admits she's being drugged and is desperate to catch out whoever's behind it. Playing the concerned son, Jamie appears wounded that Kim suspected him and suggests the two of them leave the village for a while. Keep an eye out as to whether he packs some diazepam in his overnight bag…

Affair for Jimmy Mandy?

emmerdale mandy dingle jimmy king

The Kings' marriage is one hot mess of recrimination and disagreement, so it's no surprise both parties are looking elsewhere for comfort. This week, Jimmy continues to lean on Mandy, one of the few locals who's been on his side since the accident that killed Paul, and their bond is growing.

As Jimbo's plea hearing looms (which neglectful Nicola doesn't even realise) Mandy tries to persuade him against pleading guilty pointing out he can't abandon his kids. After his court appearance, Jimmy tentatively confesses to Mandy he's falling for her, forcing the bashful beautician to urge him he needs to fight for his marriage. Which is easier said than done…

Nicola makes a move on Mack

emmerdale mack boyd

Nico appears to be letting the distance grow between her and her hubby as she offloads to big sister Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) her relationship is in ruins, while Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) makes it clear he's available for some no-strings fun.

As she gets dolled up and sashays over to the scrapyard, Nicola makes a move on a mystified Mack - is she really chucking her marriage away for a bunk-up with the bad boy? Later, Juliette Holliday (Amelia Curtis) pays a visit and when Jimmy takes her side over his wife's with regard to custody of Carl, Nicola is left feeling there's no hope - is it really all over?

Meena meddles

emmerdale meena jutla

If you thought minxy Meena had done some weird things up to now in order to matchmake for Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) and Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), you ain't seen nothing yet as she takes her manipulative meddling a step too far this week - possibly by involving a cute fluffy animal…

Determined to ruin Charles's romance with Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), Meena tells the vicar it might be too soon for cosy camping trips with his new beau leaving him questioning whether things are moving too fast. Then someone dog-knaps Andrea's pet pooch Princess from outside the church and locks it in a boiling hot car on a sunny day. This puts the mockers on the mini-break and makes Andrea question who would do such a thing - err, who do you think…?

Elsewhere on Emmerdale

emmerdale vinny dingle
  • Concern for Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) takes its toll on her loved ones, with Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) at breaking point over fretting about his troubled little sister, making Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon) beside himself with worry while Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) is in full-on panic mode. Finally, Vin gets a much-waited for phone call that provides answers to some difficult questions, but is it good news or bad?
  • Frazzled Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) can barely keep up with baby girl Frankie's feeding and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is still finding it hard to be supportive to his partner as they navigate parenthood. GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) worries the new mum isn't looking after herself and tells her not to ran herself ragged. We fear something bad is about to happen to Trace…
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