Will a kiss lead to danger for Charity Dingle in Emmerdale?

It started with a crash...

chariry emmerdale

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is all set to make her life a bit more complicated in Emmerdale next week when she has a random encounter that takes some surprising turns.


She starts the week concerned about her relationship with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) when she seems desperate to keep her distance at the hearing. Starting to think her lover is having an affair, Charity takes off and ignores calls from Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) who she has been confiding in.

But it is when she decides to return home that the problems really start for her.

After some thinking, Charity decides to head back but is caught up in a collision with another driver as she leaves. Only when she confronts him, it soon becomes clear that something else is going on and the other driver appears to be very keen to buy her silence.

charity emmerdale

Sensing she has leverage, Charity doubles the amount he has offered and the pair start talking. He’s able to work his charms on her and not only does she end up agreeing to the original offer of £500, but the pair get talking and end up sharing a kiss.

She immediately goes to leave following the kiss, but some noises from inside the boot of the man’s car get her attention. As she makes her way over to see what it is, she finds that the charming man now has a different tone – and a warning for her to stay away. What’s Charity got herself involved in this time?

Elsewhere on the Dales, Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) learns that it was Tracy who slashed his tyres. Wanting revenge, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is quick to point out that he has no evidence.

The enemies keep piling up for Jamie following all his recent scheming and lying and, with him trying to shift the blame onto Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) for his crime, it could be a while before we learn if Jamie will pay for his actions.


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