The truth is finally out in EastEnders after Callum Highway (Tony Clay) came clean to fiancee Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) about cheating on her with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) on the eve of their wedding, but Whit wants answers and McGarty has confirmed a showdown is in the offing that will determine the love triangle's future.


"Whitney feels absolutely betrayed," says McGarty, following Halfway's emotional admission while the stag and hen parties were in full swing on Thursday 29th August. "She feels that she doesn't even know who Callum is any more. She can't believe what is happening but after the initial shock she just wants the truth."

Callum hasn't completely come crashing out of the closet as McGarty explains he's given his intended the impression he only kissed Ben, neglecting to mention they slept together during a lusty late-night liaison in the park a few months back. Not only that, the deceased army mate 'Chris' he confessed to being in love with was a man, not a woman as Whit assumed and her fella is happy for her to continue believing - for now.

"At this point, Whitney thinks it was just a silly kiss with Ben, nothing more, and it didn't mean anything. There's a showdown in tomorrow's episode between Whitney and Ben where you see just how hurt she is, she 100% blames Ben and still loves Callum - she can't switch off those feelings.

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"Whitney knows Ben manipulates people but she sees right through the games he plays so she's going to go in hard."

Whatever the outcome of their charged confab, and whether or not the full extent of the fling is exposed, we know Whitney will be in a wedding dress on Monday 2nd September but is set to have a wobble on her way to the altar.

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EastEnders won't confirm if she and Callum tie the knot, but the nuptials will descend into chaos for entirely different reasons when the planned reception is turned into an armed siege when Hunter Owen storms into the Vic looking for revenge on Jack Branning – the outcome of which is at least one fatality by the end of next week.

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So yet another romance hits the skids for unlucky Whitney, but McGarty revels in her character's bad fortune as it means being at the centre of the action. "I like the fact she can't quite catch a break with men, as an actress it's great to get my teeth into all the emotional scenes and heartbreak. I kind of hope one day she might find happiness, but I think she needs to take her time, take it slow and find someone who really knows what they want."

Doesn't sound like she'll be getting that if she sticks around in Albert Square…


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