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Phil Mitchell ATTACKED by son Ben on EastEnders!

But is Phil starting to suspect Ben is up to no good?

EastEnders, Phil Mitchell, Midge
Published: Tuesday, 23rd April 2019 at 7:58 pm

As Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) desperately searched for his kidnapped daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) in EastEnders tonight, he was the target of a SHOCK attack by his own son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden)...


On the BBC One soap on Tuesday 23 April, Phil was on the phone to Danny Hardcastle, demanding the tough guy tell him the location of the storage container where Louise (and also her boyfriend Keanu Taylor) were trapped.

But the next moment, he was whacked over the head with a brick by Ben!

As Phil slumped to the floor unconscious, Ben made a phonecall and appeared to be making his own deal with the baddies.

"You and me, we can sort this!" said Ben, who has SECRET plans to ruin his hated dad.

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell
Ben makes a call after attacking his dad Phil! (Picture: BBC)

When Phil awoke, there was no sign of Ben. However, he spotted Danny's dodgy associate Midge (Tom Colley) lurking about and a brutal fight broke out between the men!

"A few years ago, you wouldn't have needed to sneak-up on me, old man" taunted Midge.

"Old man? I ain't too old to give you a kicking!" responded Phil before doing what he does best and letting his fists and feet do the talking. It was classic Phil Mitchell unleashed and Midge was soon left feeling a LOT worse for wear...

EastEnders, Phil Mitchell, Midge
Hell hath no fury like Phil Mitchell unleashed! (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Louise and Keanu (Danny Walters) were finally able to break out of the storage container. And good thing too, because not only did Keanu have a panic attack while locked-up, he was about to make a BIG confession to Louise - about his previous secret affair with Louise's stepmum, Sharon!

With everyone safely back in Albert Square, Louise still wondered what Keanu wanted to confess to. But instead, the pair got passionate in Louise's bedroom!

EastEnders, Keanu Taylor, Louise Mitchell
Keanu and Louise got passionate! (Picture: BBC)

And Sharon gave hubby Phil a piece of her mind about his latest dodgy dealings.

"You have done some stupid things in your time, Phil. But money laundering? Through the club, that is mine. How dare you!"

So Phil very much ended the episode with a sore head... but mostly because he may now have suspicions about Ben. Phil didn't see Ben attack him (Ben quickly claimed Danny and Midge must have been behind the attack) but he made it clear:

"Someone is trying to turn me over. And I'm going to make 'em pay..."

Could Phil be onto Ben's big revenge plan? Watch this space!


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