Kevin and Debbie Webster (Michael LeVell and Sue Devaney) start the week in a very chilly situation in Coronation Street as they remained locked in the Bistro fridge after Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) trapped them both inside.


As next week begins, they are still stuck inside and it doesn't appear that a rescue is on the cards imminently.

But as they continue to experience the bitter cold with no respite, how long can the pair last inside before their time runs out for good?

But outside where it is, slightly, warmer, their disappearance is noticed and people are starting to worry, especially Abi Franklin (Sally Carman). Inside though, Kevin and Debbie are using the time to build some bridges and the pair begin to reflect on their problems and their childhood - not knowing that the police are now trying to track them down.

As more time passes, both Kevin and Debbie begin to deteriorate due to the extreme temperature and they are both struggling to stay awake. Knowing that falling asleep could end up leading to their deaths, the two try to force themselves to stay awake, but how long can they last?

abi franklin coronation street
Will Abi be able to save Kevin and Debbie?

Thankfully help appears to be on the way as Abi finds a signed contract on the floor after breaking into the Bistro and that eventually leads to her and Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) returning to see if they can find any more evidence as to what happened to the Webster siblings.

But inside the fridge, Kevin and Debbie are losing consciousness as Abi hears a noise coming from it. Will she be able to save them in time? And if so, could a surprise marriage proposal be coming Kevin's way from Abi?

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As for Ray, with attempted murder looking to be a likely charge against him, will he be able to make his escape, or will his crimes finally catch up with him?


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