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Coronation Street: David pushed to the edge in prison by Shona's revelation - watch the scene

Forced to admit she confronted rapist Josh, has Shona made things worse?

Published: Saturday, 12th May 2018 at 5:46 am

Coronation Street's David Platt is dealt a bombshell in prison when he fumes to learn Shona Ramsey has confronted his rapist Josh Tucker, despite him begging her to tell no one she knows about his sexual assault.


In a teaser clips from Monday's episode, Shona is visiting her beleaguered boyfriend who has been jailed for skipping his court appearance for attacking Gary Windass.

Desperate for David to admit the reason he flipped at his neighbour in the boxing ring and put him in a coma was due to his trauma at being raped, Shona tries in vain to convince him to tell his solicitor Imran Habeeb of the extenuating circumstances in the hope of getting a lighter sentence.

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David is too ashamed to admit his ordeal to anyone else, but tenacious Shona slips up and incriminates herself by inadvertently revealing she has gone against his wishes and already spoken to Josh.

Far from helping her other half, it only serves to add to his stress and David is later seen violently lashing out at his cellmate as he continues to internalise his torment.

Later in the week, Shona tracks down an old work colleague of Josh's as she investigates his past - and it looks like she may have found another of his victim's. But can she persuade David to tell the police what Josh did?


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