Chloe gets a big shock after confessing her love for Elly in Neighbours

A blast from the past is set to complicate things further

Neighbours Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly)

Neighbours‘ Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) confides in big brother Aaron (Matt Wilson) her unrequited love for Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) next week, and is stunned when her sibling tracks down an old flame hoping it takes her mind off her crush – but has Aaron done more harm than good?


The closeness between best friends Chloe and Elly led to a passionate kiss before Christmas, which carefree Chloe dismissed as a moment of madness and one of her typically impulsive actions. However, she is secretly falling for the woman who is engaged to another of her siblings, Mark, and with the wedding full speed ahead has tried to bury her feelings.


Surviving the terrifying siege at the coffee shop has brought the girls closer together, which Aaron notes with intrigue on Monday 21 January especially when his sister cancels a lunch date with him and mum Fay to hang out with Elly yet again. Noticing how upset Chloe is when Elly ditches her to talk weddings with Mark, Aaron tackles his sister about being clingy with her future sister-in-law because she’s lonely – and she blurts out she’s in love with her!

Will Aaron tell Elly that Chloe is in love with her?

Begging him to keep quiet, Chloe is pleased when Aaron complies but he wants to find a way to help his heartbroken sister. Upon learning Fay is still in touch with Mel, an old flame of Chloe’s, he decides to secretly invite her to Erinsborough as a surprise thinking it will be a nice distraction from Elly.

Fay then warns Aaron that Mel was quite an intense sort and Chloe never wants to see her again – but it’s too late, as she’s already on her way to Ramsay Street…


On Friday 25 January, having spent the week trying to get in between Chloe and Elly fearing they are spending too much time together, a knock at the Brennans’ door means a huge surprise for Chloe when she’s greeted by her ex, Mel. Aaron sheepishly admits he asked her to visit, and Chloe is angry at his interference in her love life. With Mel’s presence set to complicate things further for Chloe, will the truth about their unhappy past be revealed? And could Elly even find herself jealous of the new arrival and realise she is in denial about how she really feels?


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