Fenisha faces more heartache in Casualty, and will Ethan keep his secret?

Fenisha's problems get worse.

fenisha ethan casualty

It had not been the most straightforward of pregnancies for Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima) in Casualty and the actual birth was even more problematic as she found herself stuck down a ravine, nearly losing the baby as a result.


While mother and baby thankfully made it through the ordeal, the newborn is not out of the woods yet and Fenisha finds that her worries are set to continue in Saturday night’s episode.

The latest drama unfolds when the baby, named Bhodie, is forced to return to the hospital having taken a turn for the worst and while it looks like it could be something that brings her and Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) closer to being on the same page, a secret could well undo everything.

While the doctors try to get a handle on Bhodie’s family history, Ethan wrestles with the knowledge that he could well have passed on the Huntington’s gene and he strongly debates whether he should come clean about it or not.

fenisha casualty

As he and Fenisha have stern words about why she did not call him when Bhodie was admitted, Fenisha reminds him that staying out of their child’s life was his decision. Thankfully for both of them, their son pulls through and it looks like he will be fine, but Ethan decides to confide in Connie Beachamp (Amanda Mealing) that he is debating telling Fenisha about the condition Bhodie could develop.

But given everything that Fenisha and Bhodie have been through, she advises that the information could do more harm than good and he agrees to stay quiet. But is that the right call to make, and will it come back to bite him?

Either way, the two do manage to reach a compromise with Ethan saying he wants to be an active co-parent going forward. But will he be able to keep his secret if he ends up getting more involved in raising him?


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