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Faith makes things worse for herself in Casualty – is her job on the line?

Battles lines are drawn between Faith and Lev...

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Published: Saturday, 17th April 2021 at 5:30 pm

Things have been tense between Faith Cadogan and Lev Malinovsky (Kirsty Mitchell and Uriel Emil) in Casualty and the end of their relationship seems to be the start of some hostility – and Faith's job appears to be in trouble as a result.


Faith's relationship is already on tenterhooks with the family after she was caught sleeping with someone else following and she has been trying to get them back on side since.

Scenes on Saturday show that she is given a glimmer of hope that things may get easier, in the form of a bacon sandwich from the girls, but when Lev refuses to help her smooth things over she is left seeing red that his secret remains hidden but he won't do anything to make things easier for her.

To make matters worse, the sandwich was not the touching gesture that she had hoped for and is instead part of a practical joke (a revelation that comes close to tipping Faith over the edge) not helped by Lev wanting to make changes to the childcare arrangements that they have in place.


Things soon turn nastier when they have another run in and the frustration she is feeling leads to Faith revealing to anybody within earshot that Lev is gay and he is mortified to have been outed in such a manner.

But her actions look as though they will have an impact on her job as Jacob Masters (Chucky Venn) soon calls her in for a chat and does not hold back in telling her how unprofessional she has been. Faith makes things worse by saying she was just having a spat with her husband and that forces Jacob's hand - she has to go on leave immediately.

Will Faith end up losing her job as a result of her actions, and will her children now learn the truth about Lev?


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