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Faith and Lev set to split in Casualty as his secret life is exposed

Faith is about to make a discovery...

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Published: Saturday, 13th March 2021 at 6:00 pm

Following a large fire at a warehouse, the injured begin arriving at the hospital in Casualty and the staff get about tending to the wounded. But for one of them, they are about to have a shocking truth brought to their attention in the aftermath.


Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) and Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) have been on better terms recently but that is all set to come undone - all thanks to a good looking fireman. Faith sees that Lev and the fireman are getting on well and she quickly begins to grow suspicious.

With the recent betrayal on her mind, she pointedly tells Lev that they have not been intimate together since. She continues to dwell on the fireman and she decides that she needs to confront Lev and ask him a very direct question - is he gay?

Things get more desperate for Faith and she ends up pleading with Lev to give her some sign that he still finds her attractive. But Lev can only say that he loves her and that is the confirmation that Faith needs to know that they do not have a future together.

lev casualty

She tells him that their marriage is finished and ends up making a rash decision to head to Dylan Keogh (William Beck) for comfort. Will Dylan let her in, and will she regret trying to deal with her pain in the arms of another man?

Elsewhere on the wards, Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D'Lima) returns to work but it becomes apparent that she may be back too soon when she becomes consumed with the thought that something bad may happen to her newborn son.

She begins to become obsessed with keeping him safe and has visions of terrible things happening to him. Will she tell any of her colleagues that she is struggling?


Casualty continues tonight at 8.20pm on BBC One. Visit our dedicated Casualty page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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