Andrea betrays Toadie as search for Dee hots up in Neighbours

New clues point to the possibility the REAL Dee is alive


Neighbours cranks up the Dee Bliss death mystery as Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) reluctantly pursues a lead from Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) that may prove her doppelgänger is still alive.


Duplicitous Andrea recently returned to Erinsborough to atone for her past deceit when she posed as Dee, missing and presumed dead since 2003 when she and Toadie plunged off a cliff into the ocean on their wedding day.

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Claiming to have information suggesting Dee survived, but unable to access it due to her psychological breakdown, Andrea undergoes hypnosis from Dr Karl Kennedy on Monday 10th June and reveals the man who mistook her for a woman called ‘Karen’ (possibly Real Dee) 10 years ago was called Ian and she recalls where he was staying at the time.

Tracking Ian down on Tuesday 11th June, Toadie is struck as the man explains ‘Karen’ was his lover who he met in the mid-2000s, who then left him for another guy and moved to South Africa. Ian has since lost contact with her, but the way he described the woman makes Toadie think for the first time this could be his dead first wife who’s body was never found…

After the meeting Toadie opens up to Andrea about his conflicted feelings – if Dee is alive she chose not to find Toadie or any of her loved ones in Ramsay Street after their doomed wedding day and has deliberately stayed away all this time. Maybe she wants to stay hidden?

Andrea is back... and wants to see Hugo. (Picture: Channel 5)

What does Andrea know about Real Dee and the mysterious Ian?

As ever with unpredictable Andrea, all is not as it seems – and viewers later see her meeting Ian in secret and thanking him for sticking to her version of the story. She asks him to hand over a mysterious photograph and offers herself to him by way of a saucy bargain…

On Wednesday 12th June, Toadie is softening towards Andrea in light of her support and even allows her to spend time with baby son Hugo. But little does he realise she is executing a master plan to win his heart – as she stares at the picture Ian gave her showing a woman who looks just like her (is it Andrea? Is it Dee? Or a third lookalike?!), along with another unidentified man, it’s clear Neighbours’ deliriously bonkers blockbuster plot has a fair way to go before all the questions are answered.

The show recently released a thrilling promo recounting the story so far from Dee’s disappearance 16 years ago, and teased the next chapter as Madeleine West rejoins the show for a longer stint. Speaking to in 2018, West enthused the next chapter of the Dee/Andrea saga was “a fantastic storyline that I think is going to be the best in Neighbours’ history. I’m putting it out there, I really don’t think I’m pushing it saying that. I’m back for a good healthy stint so the story will be well and truly fleshed out.”


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