What would YOU like to see in Doctor Who series 10?

It’s time to lay out your ideas for Peter Capaldi’s next Doctor Who episodes


We’re still a long way from the next run of Peter Capaldi’s adventures as the Doctor, with the tenth series of Doctor Who not scheduled to air until 2017.


In the meantime we’ve got BBC3 spin-off Class, sure, but we can’t help but look forward to the next main series – and we want to know what YOU want to see from the soon-to-film sci-fi spectacular.

Would you like to see the return of Missy, or an older classic foe? Is it time for a different sort of companion, or should we stick with what we know? And what kind of places would you like to see the Twelfth Doctor visit?


Leave your suggestions in the comments box below, and later we’ll pick out our favourites. And we’ll see how right you were in just 12 months or so…