What does this Doctor Who behind the scenes picture tell us about series 10?

This new picture of Peter Capaldi poses some very interesting questions


The Great Doctor Who Drought is almost over. We’re now less than 90 days away from the Christmas special – but we’ll still have to wait until maybe April next year for series 10.


But here’s a teaser that should keep you going for now: the show’s released a new behind the scenes shot from series 10. Behold…

Interesting. But what can we learn from this new image? Well, probably not a lot. But we’re going to try and ask a few insightful questions anyway.

Why is The Doctor wearing a Victorian outfit?

The hat, the scarf, that upturned collar. There’s certainly an air of Dickensian aristocrat about Capaldi’s new outfit. Why?

Is it his new regular costume? After all, his series nine three-piece suit harked back to the 1960s – has the Doctor simply based his style on a point further back in time?


Or – more likely – is the Doctor is trying to blend into an environment? In fact, is he trying to dress like someone we know very well…?

Why is Capaldi dressed like Matt Smith’s Doctor?

Peter Capaldi is wearing a top hat. Top hats are cool now — sorry, wrong Doctor.

Granted, the Twelfth Doctor is dressed a tad smarter than his predecessor, but the comparison remains: Capaldi is dressed an awful lot like Matt Smith in the 2012 Christmas special (the one with the killer snowmen).


In actual fact, his dress actually bears a closer resemblance to the Great Intelligence in the same episode. Coincidence? Maybe. But it’s a point that leads to another important question…

Are Vastra, Jenny and Strax returning to Doctor Who?

You know, the Paternoster Gang from that same 2012 Christmas special, who’s popped up in Victorian-themed episodes ever since. If the behind-the-scenes photo means the Doctor is returning to Victorian England, then will he reunite will the Silurian, human and Sontaran team?

Hopefully, then we’ll get more of this…

What planet is the Doctor is on?

His outfit suggests The Doctor is in 19th century Britain, but that completely snowy background could point us to another point in space and time.


It’s not just snowy in Trenzalore of course. We can’t help recalling fondly the days of the Tennant Time Lord. Series four, episode three, to be precise: Planet of the Ood featured a snowy landscape. Will it be making a return after six series? Time will tell.