Turn your smartphone into a Star Trek communicator


Warp travel, holodecks and transporters are still beyond us, but if there’s one bit of Star Trek technology that we have nailed, it’s the communicator.


Instant wireless communication with anyone, anywhere? That’s easy. The communicator Captain Kirk uses was a direct inspiration for those old clamshell phones we all have to pretend to hate, but now it exists for real:

Yes, this is a Bluetooth handset that pairs with your phone. Yes, it’s probably bigger than your actual phone. Yes, it costs £120. And yes, you have to wait until January next year before it actually comes out.

But look, you flip up the grill to answer, just like Kirk. Nothing else matters.

It’s from the same obsessives at The Wand Company who make those Doctor Who TV remotes, so this should be an incredibly accurate rendering of the original. The prop was replicated using “structured-light 3D scans” – which sounds like something Mr Spock would say – and does everything you would expect from a toy like this: there are flashing lights, sound effects and snippets of dialogue. One nice touch is that the aluminium display stand also charges the communicator wirelessly. Also, did we mention it’s incredibly awesome and we want one?


Find it here: Star Trek: original series bluetooth communicator