The Walking Dead: See the Lego version of Negan’s brutal kill scene

Warning: it's just as gory and just as brutal as the original


Lego figures may be made of plastic but they can bleed a surprising amount. That’s the takeaway lesson from a new Lego recreation of the horrific scene from The Walking Dead when – spoiler alert – Negan bludgeons Abraham and Glenn to death.


Viewers finally found out who was killed by the villain’s barbed-wire baseball bat, and now YouTuber and animator kristo499 has faithfully recreated the sequence from the opening of the season seven using stop motion. The video apparently “took forever to make” – and we can believe it.

The climactic scene sees new villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) destroy Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) while the rest of the group watch in absolute horror and shock, powerless to stop him.

Fans of the show were expecting one death, but the double murder – with Glenn’s pregnant wife Maggie looking on – was a whole new level for the zombie drama.


Watching the carnage takes a strong stomach, even in Lego form.