Mark Hamill responds to story of boy who told bullies “it’s not the Jedi way”

The Luke Skywalker star was touched by the tale of ten-year-old Aiden, who refused to fight back against his tormenters

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Disney, LucasFilm)

Mark Hamill has expressed admiration for a young boy who refused to fight back against his bullies, citing “the Jedi way” as the reason he wouldn’t defend himself.


According to reports, ten-year-old Aiden Vasquez ended up in the hospital needing stitches after being attacked by some of his schoolmates, and when his mother asked why he hadn’t defended himself he cited Star Wars as the main reason.

“I told my mom, I got it from ‘Star Wars, that it’s not the Jedi way,” he told NBC’s local California TV station KMIR.

And now Hamill himself, aka the franchise’s most famous Jedi Luke Skywalker, has responded to the story, describing himself as “astonished” and full of admiration for the boy’s courage.

“I’m astonished by his wisdom & courage such a tender age,” Hamill tweeted.

“I may be a fictional Jedi, but this boy is the real deal. Not sure how to reach out to him, but I hope he sees this message & knows how much I admire him.”

Later, he added the following tweet, describing himself as “a fan” of the young boy.

Clearly, when it comes to Star Wars, sometimes the fans can inspire just as much as the characters themselves.


Star Wars Episode IX will be released in December 2019