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Will there be a sequel to Shazam?

Director David F Sandberg reveals his plans for the future of the new DC franchise – contains SPOILERS

Published: Saturday, 6th April 2019 at 2:02 pm



By the end of Shazam! our hero Billy Batson (Asher Angel) has finally gained control over his superpowered older form (Zachary Levi) and transformed his foster siblings into adult heroes of their own, while also defeating the villainous Dr Sivana (Mark Strong) and his Seven Deadly Sins monsters.

All wrapped up neatly, right? Well, wrong.

In the first of the film’s two post-credits scenes (which we've discussed in more depth here) we see that an imprisoned Sivana has been recruited by classic comic-book villain Mr Mind, an alien slug of vast intelligence who promises to grant Sivana vast power if he’ll aid him in his schemes.

Presumably, such a thread will be picked up in any sequels, so we asked Shazam!’s director David F Sandberg what he had planned for any future instalments (which are yet to be confirmed).

“Sure, I’d do another one,” Sandberg told, though for now, he is keen to take a break from the franchise.

“I mean right now, I've just been so focussed on finishing this one, so I want to take a little bit of time off just to breathe. Because it's been like two years of just Shazam! But yeah, there's certainly more you could do with the character and the story."

The inclusion of Mr Mind, meanwhile, apparently wasn’t chosen as a grand plan for a sequel per se. Instead, Sandberg just enjoyed the character so much he decided to include him.

“He's just such a fun character,” Sandberg said. “I mean he's this evil mastermind, but he's in the body of a little space worm.”

“Mr Mind was my favourite Easter Egg in the film, though I guess he's more than that as well,” he added.

Dwayne Johnson

Still, with a potential Sivana and Mr Mind team-up in the mix, there’s certainly plenty of ways a sequel could go – assuming of course that the planned Black Adam film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (pictured) doesn’t get made first.

For those not in the know, Black Adam is an old foe of Shazam!’s with the same abilities: both were named champion by the same wizard, but Black Adam betrayed him and went on a rampage thousands of years ago. Black Adam later became a reformed anti-hero, and was reported to be the subject of his own DC movie a few years ago.

According to Sandberg, though, we shouldn’t hold out breath for this particular spin-off to come to light.

“I'm not sure what's going on with that right now, except for what I'm reading about it,” Sandberg said.

“But I know that when I had come on board, they'd just decided to give Shazam his own standalone movie. Because they were playing around with the idea of introducing the character in a movie with Black Adam, and have them fight in the first movie.

“But I think they found it was just way too much for an introduction for both characters. So then they were like, 'Let's just do a Shazam movie first, and then figure it out.'

“You kind of need to ease into Black Adam, I think,” he added. “It’s just too much for one film.”

That didn’t stop Sandberg including a little nod to Adam at one point during his own film however. According to the director, the character appears when the wizard Shazam (Djimon Hounsou) shows Billy a holographic account of how his magical brethren were destroyed by the last champion they endowed with incredible power.

“The hologram? Yeah, that's supposed to be him,” Sandberg confirmed.

So who knows? If a Shazam! sequel does get the green light, we could see Sivana, Mr Mind AND Black Adam team up against the newly-formed Shazam family with the fate of the world in the balance. Johnson does have an executive producer credit on Shazam!, so he does still seem to be interested in the property...

Or, you know, they could go for something else entirely. We’ll be there for it regardless.


Shazam! is in UK cinemas now


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