Ofsted aren’t happy with Class teacher Miss Quill swearing at her pupils

Never mind The Doctor, it’s The Inspector Katherine Kelly should be worrying about…


If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who spin-off Class and wondered why there’s no real adult supervision for the collection of good-looking teenagers and verbally abusive teacher fighting nasty aliens, then you’re in luck – because it turns out that at least Ofsted have their eyes on Coal Hill Academy.


A picture released on the official Class twitter account, shows us a report following the school inspection depicted in episode two, with Katherine Kelly’s alien warrior-turned physics teacher Miss Quill criticised for “unprovoked rudeness and grossly offensive behaviour,” “total disregard for the A-Level curriculum” – oh yes, and physically assaulting the Inspector.

Then again, given that the Inspector in question was later revealed to be a robot working for the school governors who was destroyed by a magic space dragon, we’re surprised he managed to write such a full report, but hey – at least somebody’s taking the weird situation at Coal Hill seriously.


Class is currently airing on BBC America