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Jodie Whittaker wants to do a Doctor Who episode with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant

Your move, BBC…

Published: Saturday, 21st December 2019 at 11:53 am

The multi-Doctor story has become a hallmark of Doctor Who, with various episodes of the BBC sci-fi series uniting different actors who’ve played the regenerating Doctor over the years for some truly epic, time-bending adventures.


However, since 2013’s anniversary special The Day of the Doctor fans haven’t had one to get their teeth into – and incumbent Time Lord Jodie Whittaker has a pretty good idea for which ex-Doctors she’d like her incarnation to work with if a similar crossover does happen again.

“I’d say David [Tennant], because I’ve worked with him before and he’s brilliant,” Whittaker told, noting that the pair had previously starred together on Broadchurch – and then she added another former colleague to the mix.

“And Chris [Eccleston],” she said.

“That’s what I’d like, because having worked with them both previously, I know that it would be an amazing time.”

Frankly, we’d have to agree – a union of the Ninth, Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors would definitely be a sight to behold, and with the 60th anniversary just four years away…well, we won’t push it. We’ll just leave it here.

Alongside Whittaker, onscreen companions Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill opted to bring back Tennant and Matt Smith incarnations as Doctors they’d like to travel alongside, while all three suggested Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler for the non-Time Lord character they’d most like to see make a return.

For now, though, these big comebacks are all hypothetical – because the upcoming new series is already bringing plenty of change to the Tardis team already…

“I think we discover things about the characters that we haven’t seen before,” Whittaker said.

“It’s a natural progression, and it doesn’t regurgitate ground that’s been covered. But it also isn’t a complete curveball to the world that you know, and the characters that you know.

“We’ve got loads of new monsters. We’ve got old monsters returning. We have got some challenges ahead for the Doctor and for the family,” she continued.

“It’s as epic and dramatic and as funny and as scary as you want it to be, as fast-paced, and it’s globetrotting.

“It’s massive,” she concluded. “And the ambition is massive.”

Sounds like squeezing in a few extra Time Lords might be quite a lot of work, then…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Wednesday 1st January at 6.55pm


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