Jenna Coleman and Maisie Williams together is the Doctor Who reunion we’ve been waiting for

No sign of their diner Tardis though...


It’s finally happened: Doctor Who stars Maisie Williams (AKA the immortal ‘Me’) and Jenna Coleman (AKA former Doctor sidekick Clara Oswald) have been spotted together.


But sadly this wasn’t on set of their own spin-off (which we still really really want to happen). It looks as though the time-travelling travelling duo, last seen exploring the universe aboard their American diner-shaped spaceship at the end of series 9, made a stop at Paris Fashion week.

The Victoria and Game of Thrones stars attended the Miu Miu show, possibly spying on new clothing lines to come out the end of this year, but most probably hiding from the Doctor in the one place he would never visit. After all, he’s a Time Tord that already has his style completely sorted.


Doctor Who series ten begins on BBC1 on Saturday 15th April