Doctor Who stars John Barrowman and Arthur Darvill set to cross paths on another sci-fi show

Captain Jack - who's never met Rory on screen before – has landed a pretty big American TV deal that'll bring him to Legends of Tomorrow


They may never have actually met on screen in Doctor Who but it looks as though Captain Jack and Rory could be seeing a LOT more of each other on TV.


TV Line revealed that John Barrowman (who we know best as Captain Jack and the Sci-Fi world has come to love as Arrow’s Malcolm Merlyn) has landed a pretty major deal which will see him become a series regular across all of The CW’s big DC comics Sci-Fi shows produced by Greg Berlanti, including The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

And we all know Arthur Darvill’s playing Time Lord The Doc… sorry, Time Master Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow, so what’s to stop him encountering Cap… sorry, Malcolm Merlyn, on screen?

Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Not even space and time. Even if they haven’t exactly confirmed that it will happen yet…

Doctor Who nostalgia aside, it’s a pretty big deal for Barrowman. In fact, only Legends of Tomorrow’s Wentworth Miller (who plays Leonard Snart) has a similar contract and status with the network.


Guess we’ll be waiting a while to get him back on Doctor Who then, eh?