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David Tennant fans spot Doctor Who Easter egg in background of BBC comedy Staged

Turns out the former Time Lord keeps a relic from Gallifrey in his back yard.

Staged - BBC
Published: Thursday, 11th June 2020 at 12:54 pm

As Doctor Who fans know, the trusty TARDIS has the ability to materialise anywhere in time and space – even in BBC comedy Staged.


Eagled-eyed fans noticed the blue police box appeared in the background of a scene featuring David Tennant, who plays an actor forced to rehearse over Zoom due to the coronavirus lockdown.

In a segment filmed in Tennant’s own garden, a miniature version of the time-travelling machine could be seen subtlety hidden in a far corner. Tennant, of course, played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor from 2005 to 2010.

After making the discovery, fans around the Whoniverse took to Twitter.

One asked if the Master had shrunk the TARDIS.

Staged sees Tenannt play an exaggerated (and rather slobbish) lockdown version of himself, alongside Michael Sheen (who plays an exaggerated version of himself). The show also features Tennant’s wife, Georgia, who starred alongside her husband in 2008 Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Daughter.

Anna Lundberg (Sheen’s partner), director Simon Evans, Nina Sosanya and Lucy Eaton also all star in the BBC comedy.

Tenant briefly returned to the world of Doctor Who during the lockdown, taking part in a fan watchalong of The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End. He tweeted along with commentary to the episode, joined by Donna Noble star Catherine Tate, former showrunner Russell T Davies and director Graeme Harper.


Staged is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.


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