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Charlie Cox shoots down rumour he'll play Daredevil in Spider-Man 3

Fans had hoped that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen would give Spider-Man legal advice.

Published: Thursday, 30th April 2020 at 1:14 pm

Charlie Cox, the actor who played the Devil of Hell's Kitchen on Netflix's Daredevil, has revealed he will not be in Spider-Man 3.


The rumours gained traction following Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credit scene, in which Peter Parker's identity was made public.

Fans had theorised that Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, could make an appearance to offer Peter Parker some much-needed legal advice – as he sometimes has in the original Marvel comics.

Many had hoped that by the time Spider-Man 3 came out in 2021, the complex rights issues between Netflix, Marvel and Sony would've resolved in order to bring back the beloved character following the cancellation of Netflix's Marvel shows, which also included Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Sadly, it looks like this will not be the case.

In an interview with ComicBook, Cox said: "I hadn't heard those rumours, but it's certainly not with my Daredevil. I'm not involved in [Spider-Man 3]. If that's true, it's not with me. It's with another actor."

However, the actor went on to say that he'd love to appear in the MCU at some point: "Look, I had a great time. I'm so grateful I got to play that character as long as I did. Of course, I'd love to keep going. I'd love to be involved with it.

"As a fan of the Marvel movies, I've loved the little stuff where they pop up here and there but because we were on Netflix, we weren't able to do as much for legal reasons, I don't know why.

"But I love the idea of Jessica [Jones] and Matt showing up in the background or Matt as a lawyer advising Peter Parker. That'd be really, really cool."


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