Charlie Brooker met Bros at the Baftas and now they might be in Black Mirror

The TV awards have seemingly brought two unlikely television heavyweights together

Bros, Matt and Luke Goss (Getty)

We’ve not got long until the fifth series of Black Mirror drops on Netflix, but it looks as if series creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are already on the hunt for actors for series six.


Boyband Bros seem to have caught Brooker and Jones’ eye when they collided on the red carpet at the TV BAFTAs – with Jones teasing that the pair would be more than up for giving Luke and Matt Goss parts in their dystopian anthology.

When quizzed by on what Jones had said when she bumped into the brothers, she joked…

“I think he said ‘I’d like a part in Black Mirror,’” Jones laughed. “And I said, ‘that’s so funny, I’d love to give you a part in Black Mirror!’”

Charlie Brooker Emmy 2017

Upon being told that it’d be a very popular casting, Jones said, “Ah, thank you! Done! Yes! Charlie’s like, ‘Ah, okay.’”

Brooker added: “I do like Bros. But why are we talking about Bros?”

It’s something that Bros are also keen to make happen, with Matt later telling, “I love that show. I’d absolutely consider it.”

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever actually see the boys in Black Mirror, Brooker has teased what we can look forward to in the upcoming series of the show – which he says is happening “imminently”.

“There’s a mix of bleak and happy episodes,” he said. “The day-glo croutons in the s*** soup.”

“But we do still have bleak ones,” Jones added. “Maybe the ones that are more optimistic like San Junipero stick in people’s minds because people are desperately wanting to be happy but I think we’ve delivered in terms of bleakness.”

And Brooker argues that, if anything, he’s become more cynical as he’s got older.

“It’s difficult because in some ways I’m more knee-jerk cynical, because I’ve now got kids, I’ve got a dog in this fight,” he said. “I used to think when my time is done, that’ll be it, it’s my time over, who gives a s*** about the rest of the time. Now I’ve got a stake in the flipping world, that’s really annoying!

“I’m probably more worried and fearful, but equally, now that everyone is worried in the world it means I can slightly ease off on the gas and let other people start sorting stuff out and we can sort stuff out together before we all die.”

Looks like Black Mirror is back to its bleak best, then….


Black Mirror is scheduled to return to Netflix soon