Lucifer’s Tom Ellis reportedly signs for sixth and final season on Netflix

The sixth series is yet to be confirmed by Netflix, however

Lucifer Tom Ellis

Lucifer truly does have the luck of the devil, as the series looks likely to extend to an extra season.


After being cancelled by US broadcaster FOX in 2018, the show was revived by Netflix, where it aired a fourth season before reporting another was on the way.

Initially, the upcoming Lucifer season 5 part 2 was believed to be its last instalment, but reports suggest that Netflix are looking to produce a sixth, with the full cast now attached to its return.

Lead actor Tom Ellis (Miranda) had been the only cast member without a contract securing him for season six, but TVLine has learned he has agreed a deal.

The series stars Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, who resigns from his position as Lord of Hell to join the people of Earth, running a bar in Los Angeles and warding off celestial threats.

When Lucifer’s initial cancellation was announced, a massive fan campaign – entitled #SaveLucifer – was launched to get the show back on air.

In the UK, the first three seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, while the fourth is exclusive to Netflix.


The forthcoming fifth season will consist of 16 episodes and land on Netflix in two blocks of eight, with the first expected to air sometime in 2020.