Tom Ellis recently revealed his favourite episode of the upcoming Lucifer season 5 part 2 is the much-anticipated musical episode, and it seems that instalment might see Lucifer Morningstar confront his relationship issues with God.

Ellis revealed his favourite episode during a recent interview with Square Mile, saying, "I can’t wait for people to see that one."

The Lucifer season five episode, titled Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam is set to include numerous characters bursting into song, but the nature of the plot itself is less clear.

The episode in question might be crucial in seeing Lucifer and God resolve those long-standing tensions, just as the noir episode dug into the backstory of the title character's black ring.

Ellis had previously told Collider, that "there’s a lot to do with Lucifer and his father" in the episode, while it has been noted that the musical will definitely include a number by Queen.

As Inverse points out, there's a good chance that song could be the band's 1974 hit Father to Son - so it definitely seems feasible that the pair could use the medium of song to finally sort out their issues.

In the aforementioned Square Mile interview, Ellis also revealed where the idea for the musical episode came from.

"A lot of our writers are big Buffy fans, and when this show was taking shape there were a lot of references back to Buffy. It sits in that world a little bit," he explained, referring to the iconic Once More, With Feeling musical episode of Buffy.

He continued, “The musical episode came out of the fact that everyone thought Lucifer season five was indeed the final season. So we had a kind of bucket list of things that we hadn’t done that we wanted to do."

Buffy's musical special saw the characters share their innermost feelings with each other through the medium of song. With Lucifer taking cues, this could mean Lucifer and God get to work through their relationship issues here.

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