Kit Harington on the final Game of Thrones seasons: “Even if it’s a failure, at least we’re trying to go out with a bang”

The King of the North says season seven will "break boundaries" – we hope that's a good thing


Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is perfectly aware just how much is riding on seasons seven and eight of the huge HBO hit. This is, after all, where it all ends.


The Jon Snow star was waiting with the rest of us for the season seven release date, and wasn’t afraid to hype up the action-packed new episodes – while at the same time worrying whether it could still be a “failure”.

Hang on. Failure is surely not an option for the King in the North?

“I certainly did more this season than I’ve ever done,” Harington told Huffington Post. I think every actor on it did more action, had more action, had more scenes.

“They really focused it because less characters are coming in, and they’re focusing in on the existing ones, and there are lots of people who cross paths, and that’s something that I think the audience has been waiting for for a long time.”

Characters ‘crossing paths’? Wonder what that could refer to

Anyway, on with the hype: “They spent an increasing amount of money on less episodes, so it’s gonna be much bigger in scale, the CGI… we’re trying new things, experimenting with new camera techniques. I think we’re trying to break boundaries and push past boundaries in these final two seasons.”


That ties in with what fellow Thrones star Ian Glen told late last year. “They are taking the length of time it takes to shoot ten episodes to shoot just seven this year and six next year,” Glen said.

Harington had one final tease for the new season – or is it a warning? “You have to live up to the hype that’s surrounded the show, and the worst thing would be to end without really pushing and trying new things,” he said. “Even if it’s a failure, at least [we’re] trying to go out with a bang.”


Game of Thrones season seven will launch on 16th July 2017 US time – in the UK the first episode will air at 2am on Monday 17th July on Sky Atlantic.