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Game of Thrones: King Joffrey's 10 worst moments

As the King of Westeros is murdered at The Purple Wedding, we look back at the low points of his monstrous reign on the Iron Throne

Published: Monday, 14th April 2014 at 9:00 pm

Joffrey is no more. The spoiled brat who's lounged carelessly on the Iron Throne since half way through season one has finally got what he had coming to him.


We may have cheered when he took his final breath, but he was the king, so we feel like it's only fair to show some respect with a retrospective look at his reign.

Though, having said that, he was the vilest of the vile, so we're sure you'll appreciate it was hard to find any "best" moments. And also a tad tricky to whittle down his standout moments of pure evil to just ten...

What can we say? We did our best.

1. He refused to offer the Starks his condolences 

We knew he was a nasty piece of work right from the beginning. His uncle/dad had just pushed little Bran out of a window and the blonde beast refused to offer the Starks his condolences. Some sympathy or sadness would have been expected, but in a sign of things to come, Joffrey showed none.

Thankfully, Tyrion was on hand...

2. And then he had Sansa's direwolf killed

From bad to worse. In the days when Sansa still thought Joffrey was delightful, he decided to pull his sword on Arya's friend the butcher's boy. When Arya's direwolf got involved and mauled the foolish future king he had Sansa's gentle pet killed.

3. Oh, and then he had Ned Stark beheaded

Nobody saw it coming. We loved Ned (and assumed because he was played by Sean Bean that he'd be around for seasons to come) but the ninth episode of season one saw Joffrey have the Stark patriarch publically beheaded against all the advice of his advisors. And the distress of his then fiancee Sansa.

If you can bare to watch it again, click here.

4. And made Sansa look at her father's head

There are no words. No words.

5. He ordered his men to beat Sansa

Things went from bad to worse for Sansa and Joffrey's relationship after he had her dad's head cut off. Soon after the vile king ordered his men to beat and strip her in front of the court after her brother Robb Stark won the Battle of Oxcross.

6. He killed Ros with a crossbow and was generally vile to Littlefinger's prostitutes 

In further proof that Joffrey was incapable of having a healthy relationship with women, the little king ordered one of Littlefinger's prostitutes to beat and kill another and then took great pleasure in sadistically killing Ros (our favourite) with his horrid crossbow.

7. He ordered hundreds of deaths... because he was hit with some cow pat

When the citizens of Kings Landing quite reasonably turned on their petulant leader and threw a bit of cow pat at him, he ordered hundreds of deaths. Hardly tit or tat, and his actions then caused a city wide riot. A riot which saw Sansa attacked by angry townsfolk because he ordered his guards to leave her behind. Again, luckily, Tyrion was on hand.

8. He almost killed a man on his birthday

By making him drown in wine. And he only stopped because Sansa and The Hound managed to convince him that it was bad luck to take a life on your name day.

9. He was a wimp at the Battle of Blackwater Bay

Joffrey might have had a lot to say about how to win battles and kill his enemies, but he didn't prove himself a worthy warrior when he had the chance. When Kings Landing came under serious threat from Stannis' ships, not only did Joffrey run off to his mummy, leaving Tyrion to lead the demoralised troops on his own, he then took all the credit for it and fired Tyrion as Hand of the King.

10. He was horrid to Tyrion at the Purple Wedding

Joffrey's final foray in Kings Landing certainly saw the young king at his wickedest, taunting everyone's favourite character Tryion and being generally vile. Actions which left plenty of fans cheering at his demise, no doubt...

Game of Thrones continues on Mondays at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic. 



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