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Cursed character’s “life spared” in deviation from the book

Fans of the novel may notice a few changes when they go to binge Katherine Langford's new series.

Cursed Katherine Langford

The co-creator of Cursed Tom Wheeler has spoken out about some of the changes that were made as the original book was adapted into a brand new Netflix series, including one character’s survival.


Katherine Langford joing the Cursed cast as Nimue, Lady of the Lake, a figure from Arthurian legend, although Wheeler and his collaborator Frank Miller weren’t afraid to stray away from the traditional mythos.

They began work on the series shortly after completing the Cursed novel, which was first published in hardcover late last year.

“Frank and I were able to continue the storytelling process, and the discovery process, uninterrupted, directly into the 10-episode series,” Wheeler said.

“As we began to break down the book chapters and images and shape them into episodes, some events shifted back or were moved forward. Plus, we found avenues and opportunities to expand on the world and our characters’ backstories,” he told TV Insider.

“This will be most noticeable as it relates to Arthur, Morgana and Sister Iris… We were conscious not to contradict the novel, but we did try to fill in areas the book had not fully explored.”

In the transition from page to screen, one major change has been made to the story of a certain someone who didn’t make it out of the book alive.

Wheeler added: “One character’s life was spared through the passionate lobbying of the writers!”

Fans of the character in question will be thrilled to see them pull through the events of the first season, especially as it leaves the door open for a return if Netflix renews Cursed for a second run.

Cursed is available to stream on Netflix. Read RadioTimes.com’s Cursed review here.


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