Who are your favourite TV couple of all time?

From Tom and Barbara Good to Matthew and Mary Crawley, who made sparks fly on the small screen?


Cracking chemistry isn’t easily manufactured so when we see genuine sparks flying on our TV screens it’s really rather magical.


TV couples have been keeping us glued to TV screens since, well, the dawn of telly time, and the most memorable ones have found a special place in our hearts.

But which perfect romantic pairing is the best of all time? That’s a question we’ve been debating at RadioTimes.com Towers and now we want YOU to settle the argument for us.

Did Sam and Diane steal your heart in Cheers? Or are The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Amy the epitome of modern romance? What about Doctor Who’s Ten and Rose? Or Cookie and Lucius from Empire? Or Sherlock and Irene Adler? Or Ross and Rachel? The list goes on and on….

That’s why we’ve narrowed the field down to our Top 50 and now it’s up to you to crown your TV romance champions by voting for your favourite.


Choose wisely – because you can only vote once – and let Cupid’s arrow fly.