Watch David Tennant read the London traffic report – can he do this every morning please?

Gird your loins, DI Alec Hardy's taken to the airwaves and he's got the green light from us


He’s already loaned his dulcet tones to narrating W1A, but we think David Tennant could do with another job – reading the daily traffic reports on the nation’s radios.


The Broadchurch actor stopped by his old pal Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio this morning, and while he was in the studio he stepped up to deliver the morning’s traffic report to London commuters.

Road closures may not be convenient, but they’re much more bearable when a former Doctor is just as angry about them as you are.

And disruptions on the tube lines don’t seem quite as bad when Tennant’s warning you there’s “a lot of these” and telling you to “gird your loins”.

“That’s a disaster”, he screams when he learns that there are disruptions on the route to Heathrow airport.


You know what’s a disaster? The fact that he doesn’t just narrate life.