Usain Bolt raced James Corden (and Owen Wilson) and it was a photo finish

In that you’d need a wide-angle lens to see the gap between Bolt and the other runners


With multiple Olympic gold medals and the profile of The World’s Fastest Man, you might think that there were no mountains left unclimbed in Usain Bolt’s storied career, but you’d be wrong.


In fact, he’s never got the chance to test his speed against the bloke who used to play Smithy in Gavin & Stacy and the little cowboy from Night at The Museum, as well as assembled LA TV workers – until now.

So who won in The Late Late Show’s no-holds-barred foot race between Bolt, Owen Wilson and James Corden? Watch the video to find out…


Well OK, it was obviously Usain Bolt by a country mile, but he gloated a lot about it so Corden probably had the moral victory. Maybe they make special medals for that somewhere too.