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The League of Festive Fandoms - Tasks List

Here's what the internet's most devoted film and TV fans will be facing in a cracking Christmas challenge

Published: Monday, 5th December 2016 at 4:30 pm


Monday December 5th: Task #5 Fandom Favourites - Quote

If there's one thing our favourite films and TV series do it's inspire us with memorable lines and quotes that we love to live our lives by or quite simply never forget- but which quote is YOUR favourite?


Share the quote - along with the name of your fandom - in the comments on this Facebook post and the most popular quote from each fandom will be selected for a special BONUS Twitter task later in the week.

Tuesday December 6th to Thursday December 8th
Task #6 Fandom Favourites - Actor & Actress

You've picked your captains and vice captains but which actor or actress is your fandom favourite?

That's the question we'll be putting to the fandoms to round up a list of nominees - one actor and one actress per show.

They'll then fight it out to be crowned Fandom Favourite in vote-offs on Wednesday December 7th and Thursday December 8th.

The actors and actresses will go head to head from Wednesday December 7th at 11am GMT to Friday December 10th at 11am GMT.

Each winning actor and actress will pick up 10 points for their team, with the remaining actors and actresses earning the following points.

2nd place = 9 points, 3rd place = 8 points, 4th place = 7 points, 5th place = 6 points, 6th place = 5 points, 7th place = 4 points, 8th place = 3 points, 9th place = 2 points, 10th place = 1 point. Teams in 11th, 12th and 13th place will not receive any points.

Friday December 9th: Task #7 The Final Fandom Showdown

This is it - the 13 shows will go head to head to be crowned 2016 Fandom Favourite in a three day battle from 1pm GMT on Friday December 9th to 1pm GMT on Monday December 12th.

The winning show will receive 15 points and the remaining teams will win the following:


2nd place = 10 points, 3rd place = 9 points, 4th place = 8 points, 5th place = 7 points, 6th place = 6 points, 7th place = 5 points, 8th place = 4 points, 9th place = 3 points, 10th place = 2 points. Teams in 11th, 12th and 13th place will not receive any points.


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